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Ride Matching and Scheduling Module

The Ride Matching and Scheduling web application is designed specifically to solve ride matching challenges experienced by fleet operators, hotels, travel agents, corporates and airlines, to name a few.

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Ride And Delivery

Considering the continuous shrinking number of rides experienced in the industry, GRABiD Chauffeur makes the process of bidding and completing rides much simpler and easier for both dispatcher and drivers

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Parcel Delivery

While increasing the work pool by introducing parcel delivery work generated by GRABiD Logistics (our sister company) and by users via the GRABiD app.

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Zero Cost

To make it particularly attractive, not only does it cost you NOTHING to use the Ride Matching and Scheduling web application, the module offers a wide variety of services that allows hotels, travel agents and airlines to generate revenue from dispatching rides and parcel deliveries for their customers.

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challenge Opportunity for Improvement

A Challenge is an Opportunity for Improvement

GRABiD Chauffeur is a result of a 17-month analysis of the passenger and parcel delivery market and the challenges industry players are often faced with. Once we understood the issues and validated them with the industry, coming up with the solution became easy.

The result is a comprehensive first-of-its-kind cloud business tool delivering a Ride Matching and Scheduling solution that solves 6 challenges (in no particular order of importance):

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hotel dispatcher

Challenge #1:

In many cases, dispatchers (such as hotels and travel agents) do not get an opportunity to recover costs or generate revenue from the facilitation of jobs.

GRABiD’s Solution:

Dispatchers are able to add commission to the cost of a job. The commission will be charged to the passenger credit card and be paid to the dispatcher GRABiD wallet.

Driver Perspective:

Drivers get to keep the cost of the job in full.

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matching job

Challenge #2:

Dispatchers and businesses, who operate carefully curated lists of drivers and transport companies, spend long hours on the phone, WhatsApp and email trying to match jobs to drivers hoping they are in the right place, at the right time with the right vehicle.

GRABiD’s Solution:

Dispatching large volume of jobs using GRABiD Chauffeur is simple and effortless. Jobs (rides and parcel deliveries) are offered to drivers who match the vehicle type, who have valid insurance and vehicle registration, and who are in the appropriate geo-location range you choose.

Driver Perspective:

Drivers will love using GRABiD Chauffeur as they too will not need to spend hours trying to source jobs and will only be offered jobs that suit their profile and location.

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favourite driver groups

Challenge #3:

Everyone has favourites. Those who just get the job done and are true to their word. Those that can simply be trusted. Dispatching to them is still challenging when calling and text messages need to be made, while hoping for the best.

GRABiD’s Solution:

Dispatchers are able to create any number of favourite driver groups while drivers can be part of more than one group. This enables the prioritisation of high performing drivers when dispatching. If those are not available, the 2nd and 3rd tier preference groups can be dispatched to or the job can be offered to the open market.

Driver Perspective:

High-performing drivers benefit from being prioritised as a reward for their performance.

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drivers location

Challenge #4:

Tracking the ‘life cycle’ of each job is near impossible and often includes many phone calls and text messages attempting to ascertain and advise customers of the status of the job – especially when it is running late.

GRABiD’s Solution:

Knowing where drivers are at all times has never been easier. Knowing the status of a job at any stage of the ‘life cycle’ means there is no guess work required.

Driver Perspective:

No need to spend endless time making and receiving calls. A driver’s mobile phone becomes a portable office including automatically issuing of invoices.

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confirm both pick up and drop off

Challenge #5:

Invoicing and tracking of payments are time consuming tasks that often require double handling and are prone to human error.

GRABiD’s Solution:

Using their phones, drivers are able to confirm both pick up and drop off. This means customers can be invoiced minutes after a job is completed in order to be paid as soon as possible. This way drivers get paid quickly ensuring their desire to prioritise your jobs over other.

Driver Perspective:

Quicker payment is a lifeline in an industry where cash flow is the #1 killer. In the GRABiD Chauffeur eco-system, drivers are paid after 48 hours.

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rideshare app for drivers

Challenge #6:

Growing your business is the goal, but a limited pool of reliable contractors, cash flow and limited systems keep getting in the way.

GRABiD’s Solution:

With already over 1,500 registered and verified drivers nationally (and growing daily) in our GRABiD Chauffeur eco-system, accessing new drivers has never been easier. With our highly automated software you can now process, dispatch, monitor and bill effortlessly. We are your growth partners – not just another software.

Driver Perspective:

Working in an eco-system that helps drivers solve their business challenges is an environment many want to be involved with.

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Simple and effortless job matching

Features & Benefits

  • Simple and effortless job matching to single drivers or groups of drivers
  • Real-time geo-tracking and time stamping using driver mobile apps.
  • Automated, paperless invoicing.
  • No need to change desktop computing infrastructure.
  • Unlimited cloud data storage.
  • No need for 3rd party PDAs (for parcel deliveries)
  • Designed to work flawlessly with GRABiD Logistics
  • World-first loyalty & referral program
  • Dispatchers can instantly send completed delivery details to customers.
  • Benefit from lifelong referral commissions and loyalty cash back dollars.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The simple answer is zero dollars ?. You can use the GRABiD Chauffeur Ride Matching and Scheduling Module web application to run your business and dispatch jobs at no cost to you.

No. You can choose to use the Ride Matching and Scheduling Module only. Drivers will use the GRABiD Chauffeur mobile applications which are free to download from the app stores.

No. GRABiD Chauffeur is a cloud software, also referred to as SaaS – software as a service. This means that you can use your PC, tablet, mobile phone to dispatch and stay on top of your jobs.

Yes. GRABiD Chauffeur apps are free to download on both app stores.

No. You can choose to dispatch rides only.


No. GRABiD Chauffeur is a registered booking service provider that will take care of reporting and payment of ride levies to the state government when applicable.