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People & Parcel Marketplace

The GRABiD Chauffeur People & Parcel Marketplace connects passengers and commercial passenger operators – taxis, economy rideshare and luxury hire car operators. Designed in consultation with the industry and for the industry, GRABiD Chauffeur is a first of its kind.

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people and parcel marketplace

Ride And Delivery

GRABiD Chauffeur provides a quick and efficient way for passengers and businesses to book rides and parcel deliveries (up to 20kg).

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Facilitating SMEs

It also allows SME (small & medium size) transport businesses to dispatch and manage in-house drivers, sub-contractors, matching jobs to drivers / vehicles in real time and offers billing, geo-tracking and automated invoicing.

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GRABiD Chauffeur enables high performing drivers to be prioritised by passengers and businesses.

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The Problems We Solve

Currently, the people transport industry is fragmented and is experiencing turmoil on a number of fronts – commercial, technological and legislative. With over 250k registered commercial passenger vehicle drivers, operating in an efficient and effective manner has never been more important.

Following an extensive 17-month market analysis, the GRABiD Chauffeur platform was built to uniquely solve Nine well defined industry-wide challenges faced by the majority of the industry’s transportation operators:

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Challenge #1:

Over 250k registered commercial passenger vehicle drivers (taxi, rideshare and hire car drivers) nationally yet not enough work to go around.

GRABiD’s Solution:

Using the GRABiD passenger mobile app, both passengers and businesses can book rides and point-to-point parcel deliveries. This means that the total number of jobs available increases dramatically. For example:

  • Businesses that do not send parcels regularly can’t use the usual parcel delivery companies due to cost and due to being de-prioritised as they do not have an account. They can now book cost-effective and immediate one-off deliveries.
  • General public that can’t use the usual parcel delivery companies now have a cost effective and immediate point-to-point parcel delivery option.
  • Elderly passengers can book pick up of scripts.
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taxi drivers

Challenge #2:

The lucrative MPTP market is mostly offered to taxi drivers and is burdened with complex reconciliation and long waiting times for payment.

GRABiD’s Solution:

Once accredited as a MPTP Data Collection Provider (DCP), GRABiD Chauffeur will allow MPTP members (applicable for Victoria, Australia) to book rides and for eligible drivers to accept MPTP rides. As a digital DCP, GRABiD Chauffeur will handle the MPTP financial claiming and reconciling with the CPVV. Drivers will get paid with 72 hours instead of the usual 2-3 weeks. We also handle all monthly reporting and ride levy payments on behalf of drivers.

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favourite drivers list

Challenge #3:

There is no way for passengers to prioritise one driver over another because they have given good service.

GRABiD’s Solution:

GRABiD Chauffeur helps you benefit from your ability to stand out by providing excellent service. At the end of each job the passenger has the option of adding you to their list of favourite drivers. That means that the next time that passenger books a ride or parcel delivery, the system will attempt to offer the job to the drivers in the favourites list. If unsuccessful, the system will then offer the job to other drivers nearby.

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driver levy

Challenge #4:

Registered commercial passenger vehicle drivers have to comply with arduous and time-consuming regulations requiring collation, reporting and payment of transport levies. Additionally, drivers need to make sure levy funds are kept aside so to not find themselves short of funds when the time comes.

GRABiD’s Solution:

As an authorised BSP, GRABiD Chauffeur will process the report and payment for each ride’s levy for you including the payment. One less thing to worry about.

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passenger waiting for driver

Challenge #5:

Being part of a network can be costly and often drivers do not get enough rides to justify the cost.

GRABiD’s Solution:

GRABiD Chauffeur’s driver app has a built-in “soft” meter and eftpos machine. This means you do not need to lease these devices from a network. You also don’t need to pay monthly network fees.

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International operators

Challenge #6:

International operators such as Uber are debasing the market and have the best interest of passengers only while drivers are being under-remunerated and overcharged transaction fees.

GRABiD’s Solution:

Our system manages the fine balance between having sufficient ride and parcel delivery requests by satisfied passengers and sufficient ethically and fairly remunerated drivers to service these ride and parcel delivery request.

Additionally, we do not charge you transaction fees, you get to keep 100% of your revenue regardless of whether you are a taxi driver or a rideshare driver.

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rideshare chauffer

Challenge #7:

There are always new rideshare apps on the market and few have lasted the mile. Plus international operators such as Uber are not paying tax in Australia.

GRABiD’s Solution:

GRABiD Chauffeur Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian company operating in the best interests of Australian businesses and passengers. We have carefully crafted a system that caters for all the gaps the industry is suffering from. Additionally, we operate a unique referral and loyalty program that remunerates both drivers and passengers like never before. See more information on this below.

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credit card payment taxi

Challenge #8:

The apps available on the market can be used for pre-booked rides only. In order to take a unbooked ride, drivers need to have a meter and an eftpos machine in the car.

GRABiD Solution:

In a world-first, GRABiD Chauffeur offers the ability to create unbooked rides using your driver app. This is a simple process that immediately displays the estimated ride cost to the driver, which can then be relayed to the passenger. The passenger is then sent an SMS to complete payment details so that the ride can be charged to their credit card.

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Challenge #9:

The people transport industry does not afford opportunities for generating residual passive income.

GRABiD Solution:

We solved this challenge as well. You can benefit from our world-first loyalty and referral program which means you receive a loyalty cashback bonus for every job you, your employee drivers or sub-contractors complete for you. You are also eligible to benefit from referral cashback from ANY job, ANY business or ANY driver you introduce into the GRABiD Chauffeur eco-system. We created these incentive payments to encourage and attract better performing businesses to collaborate and participate in our eco-system. The cashbacks you earn can be cashed out or used to pay for jobs you dispatch to sub-contractors. Who else do you know that offers that?

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grabid chauffer summary

In Summary

GRABiD Chauffeur was designed with the industry for the best interests of the industry. Join the thousands of drivers who are already onboard. With only word of mouth as our marketing tool so far it is clear that the industry is looking for a change.

We encourage you to Contact Us to find out how you can earn more while focusing on driving and reducing administrative and reporting burden.

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Features & Benefits

  • Easy-to-use applications
  • Simple and effortless ride matching to suitable or passenger preferred drivers
  • Simple and effortless parcel delivery matching
  • Drive more – earn more
  • Both booked and unbooked rides available for drivers
  • Built-in pricing calculator for both booked and unbooked rides as well as parcel rides
  • Pricing calculator differentiates regional and metropolitan areas
  • Automated, paperless invoicing
  • No need for 3rd party PDAs (for parcel deliveries)
  • No need for costly meter and eftpos machine
  • World-first loyalty & referral program
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Passengers are able to book rides and parcel deliveries using the GRABiD passenger mobile applications available for both iOS and Android users. They can also call the GRABiD Call Centre to book a ride or parcel and we also have a unique feature where drivers can take unbooked rides without the need for a meter / eftpos in the car. Contact us to find out more.

Yes. Passengers are able to book rides and parcel deliveries by calling a call centre.

Yes. We have a street hail / unbooked ride function where you can enter the drop off address to find out the estimated cost. The passenger will then get an SMS from the system to complete their payment details so that the ride can be charged.

Completing rides and parcel deliveries requested by passengers costs you nothing. The cost of our service is applied to the price that the passenger pays after the ride / parcel cost is calculated.

Yes. GRABiD Chauffeur apps are free to download on both app stores.

No. You can choose to complete rides only.

No. You can choose to deliver parcels only.

Yes. Both ASAP and pre-booked rides can be booked by passengers in the system.

No. You just need to download the GRABiD Chauffeur app and start delivering parcels. If you don’t register as commercial passenger vehicle driver you will not be offered passenger rides.