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B2B Ride Matching Offload Marketplace

The B2B Ride Matching Offload Marketplace is designed specifically for professional hire car operators – SMEs and single driver businesses – who are looking to manage their businesses better, source more jobs or who need to offload jobs onto other drivers because of unavailability or excess capacity.

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Offload Jobs

Users of this module can easily tap into jobs available from other professional hire car operators – SMEs and single driver businesses – seeking to offload jobs they can’t fulfil for whatever reason.

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Mobile App

GRABiD Chauffeur’s Mobile Ride Matching Offload Marketplace is a world first of its kind. This is more than just your run-of-the-mill ‘rideshare’ type application.

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Life Easier

Regardless of if you are a one-man show or an SME owner operator with 20 vehicles on the road, GRABiD Chauffeur was created to make your life easier while getting paid quicker.

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challenge is an opportunity

A Challenge is an Opportunity for Improvement

GRABiD Chauffeur is a result of a 17-month analysis of the passenger transport market and the challenges SMEs and owner operators are often faced with. Upon understanding the challenges and validating them with the industry, coming up with the solution was easy.

The result is a comprehensive first-of-its-kind business tool delivering ride matching and an offload marketplace that solves 8 challenges (in no particular order):

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passenger vehicle drivers

Challenge #1:

Over 250k registered commercial passenger vehicle drivers (taxi, rideshare and hire car drivers) nationally yet not enough work to go around.

GRABiD’s Solution:

Using the GRABiD passenger mobile app, both passengers and businesses can book rides and point-to-point parcel deliveries. This means that the total number of jobs available increases dramatically. For example:

  • Businesses that do not send parcels regularly can’t use the usual parcel delivery companies due to cost and due to being de-prioritised as they do not have an account. They can now book cost-effective and immediate one-off deliveries.
  • General public that can’t use the usual parcel delivery companies now have a cost effective and immediate point-to-point parcel delivery option.
  • Elderly passengers can book pick up of scripts
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lucrative MPTP market

Challenge #2:

The lucrative MPTP market is mostly offered to taxi drivers and is burdened with complex reconciliation and long waiting times for payment.

GRABiD’s Solution:

Once accredited as a MPTP Data Collection Provider (DCP), GRABiD Chauffeur will allow MPTP members (applicable for Victoria, Australia) to book rides and for eligible drivers to accept MPTP rides. As a digital DCP, GRABiD Chauffeur will handle the MPTP financial claiming and reconciling with the CPVV. Drivers will get paid with 72 hours instead of the usual 2-3 weeks. We also handle all monthly reporting and ride levy payments on behalf of drivers.

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grow business through mobile

Challenge #3:

Managing a transport business is a challenge at the best of times. SMEs and owner operators are often resource poor and struggle to keep up with customer relations, HR issues, accounting, billing and more.

GRABiD’s Solution:

GRABiD Chauffeur helps you run your business from your mobile phone – it is that simple and easy. It provides you with a one-stop-shop solution that was designed from the bottom up to assist in running a more efficient and effective business. Find jobs, dispatch job to your drivers or contractors, automatically issue invoices and get paid after 48 hours (for jobs you or your drivers are completing for other dispatchers) directly from your mobile application. All while having real-time visibility of every job, invoice and payment.

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GRABiD Chauffeur for a test drive

Challenge #4:

“I am not a technical person, I’m just a driver, I don’t understand about these things.”

GRABiD’s Solution:

This is something we often hear. Be rest assured we got you covered. GRABiD Chauffeur Ride Matching Offload Marketplace was designed for the technically challenged. It is that simple we promise. Take GRABiD Chauffeur for a test drive and see what you think. What have you got to lose?

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mobile invoicing

Challenge #5:

Chasing payment from jobs that are offloaded by another business is a big administrative and financial challenge.

GRABiD’s Solution:

GRABiD Chauffeur helps you get on top of your billing so that you can get paid quicker. Minutes after you or your drivers complete a job dispatched by another business, an invoice is generated on your behalf by our system and you get paid after 48 hours.

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right car at right time

Challenge #6:

Having to disappoint a customer because you don’t have the right vehicle, at the right time in the right place is a well-known issue. Having to say “sorry I can’t help you this time” to a customer opens the door for a competitor to come in.

GRABiD’s Solution:

With GRABiD Chauffeur you will never have to let go of a job. Since you are part of the GRABiD Chauffeur eco-system, you can offer jobs to others while keeping your customer and it has never been easier to do. Once you enter the job details, you can choose if it is offered to your drivers, to a preferred sub-contractor you know and trust or to the open marketplace of verified businesses such as you (we monitor their licenses, insurances etc.). Once dispatched you will receive real-time notifications on pick up and drop off. Most importantly, you keep your customer!

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Riding and Scheduling Module

Challenge #7:

Have aspirations of growing your business but don’t know how to go about it?

GRABiD’s Solution:

Talk to us and we can help you realise your dream. As your business grows, you can move to the Ride Matching and Scheduling Module software module. We are not just another software vendor. Having a broad view of the market we can help you plot a path for your growth – your success is our success.

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driver referral

Challenge #8:

The people transport industry does not afford opportunities for generating residual passive income.

GRABiD Solution:

We solved this challenge as well. You can benefit from our world-first loyalty and referral program which means you receive a loyalty cashback bonus for every job you, your employee drivers or sub-contractors complete for you. You are also eligible to benefit from referral cashback from ANY job, ANY business or ANY driver you introduce into the GRABiD Chauffeur eco-system. We created these incentive payments to encourage and attract better performing businesses to collaborate and participate in our eco-system. The cashbacks you earn can be cashed out or used to pay for jobs you dispatch to sub-contractors. Who else do you know that offers that?

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Matching Offload module

In Summary

The B2B Ride Matching Offload Marketplace module is suitable for SMEs and owner operators who want to streamline their business systems and increase profits. Using GRABiD Chauffeur, SMEs and owner operators can increase efficiency and process jobs quicker, as well as expand their ability to cover more jobs without employing new drivers or leasing additional vehicles. SMEs and owner operators have lifelong access to our loyalty & referral Program.

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Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use mobile applications
  • Simple and effortless ride matching to suitable or preferred drivers
  • Simple and effortless parcel delivery matching
  • Drive more – earn more
  • Automated, paperless invoicing
  • No need for 3rd party PDAs (for parcel deliveries)
  • World-first loyalty & referral program
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b2b benefits and features

Frequently Asked Questions

The simple answer is zero dollars ? . You can use the GRABiD Chauffeur applications to run your business and dispatch jobs at no cost to you.

No. Sole trader owner operators can download the GRABiD Chauffeur mobile applications and benefit from all of its features.

No. As with any software once you familiarise yourself with the application it’s very quick to pick up and easy to use. You don’t need any technical knowledge or IT background to use this software.

Yes, but you don’t have to accept them.

Yes. GRABiD Chauffeur apps are free to download on both app stores.